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No Dieting - no Pills - no heavy or strenuous Exercise

EAT what you want!


fat mauritius 

It is not easy anymore to fit in my own clothes.


DONT’S for weight loss and slimming  

Anything is possible and Miracles are happening now

1. Try not eating after 8 p.m.

2. Try reducing the amount of tea and coffee as it dehydrates your body.

3. If you take alcohol go for very long drinks.

4. Stop drinking water from plastic bottles as it has too much salt, and chemical preservatives.

5. Bottled water does not get sunlight so it is not healthy.

6. Don’t eat fish and meat at night it takes more than 72 hours to be supposedly digested.

7. Stop eating red meat if you really want to lose pounds.

8. Do not eat imported fruits it has got too much pesticide which prevents you from losing weight.

proag mauritius

Come out of your sadness

9. Never go for any type of dieting. Dieting is always for a limited time and the day you stop dieting you gain back twice the amount of weight you lost.

10. Don’t eat any type of “CONFI” for the next 8 months or for always as it has excessive amount of salt and all sorts of unknown preservatives or mixtures.

11. Don’t go for more than 10 minutes of jogging

12.  Keep away from people who are always complaining about everything

13. Keep away from friends and relatives who call you bad names such as...GROS VACHES, TAMBOUR, GROS DECKCHI, or what ever......

14. Keep yourself very far away from VAMPIRE people who sucks your energy and from relatives who are always gossiping.

15. Keep away from people who are always weeping about their relations.



I hate myself and I cannot forgive myself


No Dieting - no Pills - no heavy or strenuous Exercise

EAT what you want!

Loose up to minimum 32 pounds or more PERMANENTLY


16. If you love eating fried chickens never eat the skin as they are stuffed with different types of salt and the same oil is used for many MANY fryings.

17. Do not eat your favourite junks foods daily, try to avoid or feast yourself once in a month.

18. For next 8 months we will try to not watch news or any TV serial as they are too stressing, negative and a cause for fight in many families.

19. for the next 8 months try not listening to any radio news as they are only bloody news.

20. For the next 8 months try not buying or reading any News Paper as there are mostly news of rapes, destructions, robbery, accidents and mostly very depressing news.

21. Try as much as possible to avoid drugs specially antibiotics.

22. Remember 99% of drugs do not cure any disease it only suppresses the symptoms.

23. Try to stop smoking and do not sit together with people when they are smoking.

24. Reduce or stop drinking beer.


healthy mauritius

I love my children but still it is very difficult to control them as all the time they are only eating


25. No colas, soft drinks, bottled water and sweets, if you can follow these little rules you can lose up to 64 pounds in 8 months of your course.

26. Complete control on white sugar, white rice, white bread, white flour items, fried cakes and fried potatoes in the afternoon, evening and at night... you will lose more than 100 pounds before 8 months training.

27. Do not eat on the roadside or in restaurants as the food is too rich or stale.

28. Do not eat while reading or watching the TV as your brain forgets the amount of food you are taking.

29. Do not eat while working on the computer as you cannot appreciate your food and the food is not happy.

30. Do not eat any canned fruits, vegetables, fish or meat as too much salt and chemicals are used to preserve it.

31. Do not drink water from any type of plastic bottles as there are too much chemicals.

32. Do not go for any heavy or exhausting exercise.

now and later

I am so happy my life is has changed completely


33. Do not eat and go for bed immediately.

34. Do not run for long distances or go for heavy weight lifting.

35. Do not eat yesterday’s food from the fridge and most of the restaurants keep their remaining food in big fridges and heat it again and again and serve it to customers the next and next day.

36. Do not eat meat or fish from the fridge, if possible go for fresh meat and fish after all we live in an island.

37. Do not eat Basmati rice as they are very refined.

38. Do not hate any part of your body or yourself because of your colour, height, or size.

39. Do not blame others for being overweight.

40. Do not please people when eating food.



We will make a good couple when we grow up


34 WEEKS PROGRAM or 8 months

3 and a half hours training every Sunday morning


 Lose up to minimum 34 pounds or more PERMANENTLY




No Dieting - no Pills - no heavy or strenuous Exercise








Weight release... When I have uncomfortable feelings that I would normally choose to numb myself with food, I use EFT which Dr. Anil Proag taught me in his last REIKI/EFT seminar. EFT alleviates my feeling of sadness, loneliness and anger just as excess food use to do. I am so grateful to Grand Master PAM for teaching me about EFT and losing extra fats.


I have not been able to sleep for the last 26 years after being raped by my stepfather, grandfather, uncles and cousins since age 6. After the first half hour of EFT tapping by Master PAM I could sleep last night. After the 2nd EFT tapping by Pam with great difficulty I was able to forgive all my drunkard relatives who had raped me. The 3rd session was a complete release of my emotions, fears, phobias, anxieties and depressions. 

Thank you Master PAM. I love you. Thank you. I am happy to announce that I have a new friend now and I am able to sleep. 


With EFT Dr. Anil K Proag changed my life as my son who is in 3rd standard was not able to read and write properly. In 5 sittings with my son and myself and on each session Dr. Anil K Proag just played a game with my son. He called the game Tap, Tap, Tap. My son has changed completely. He sleeps well, asks for food, plays with his sister and does his prayers every day and his teacher said that Kevin has improved a lot. Thanks Master PAM.




“The cause of ALL negative emotions is a disruption in the body’s energy system.”  

-Gary Craig, founder of EFT 


Ive been struggling with my weight and depression for years. No matter how hard I tried, I just couldnt give up the foods that were keeping me fat and depressed. I was such an expert as numbing myself that I couldnt even cry. But Dr Anil Proag has a special way of helping you discover your issues and then he helps you heal them and release them. With just a few sessions, my need to use food for comfort nearly vanished. Ive lost over 40 pounds and Ive never felt better. Even my depression is healing. _ Taslimah.


I have come so far with your help and EFT.Ive lost about 20 pounds so far, but what it really amazing is thatI love myself now, I can laugh and cry at myself, and I dont jump out of my skin when the phone rings. Thisnew way of living with healthy foods feels great. I lost a few more pounds this week, but Im not living by the scale anymore. I also cant believe Im eating this many vegetables and liking them.Even my husband is getting into this.Thanks Dr Anil Proag for all you do!! Marge.


Dr Anil Proag helped me to see that I was caught in a cycle of anxiety. Every time I had to deal with stress or anxiety I would regulate my food, go for a long run, or have a soda. This only served to further stress my body and kept the cycle going. Dr Anil Proag taught me the tools I needed to stop the cycle and really address my anxiety. This really helped me prepare to deal with some of my past issues and hurts that caused my weight gain in the first place. I have been enjoying the sense of peace I have about what I eat. _ Malinee.


At first I was a bit skeptical, but I was desperate and willing to try anything. After our first session, I felt like a weight had literally been lifted from my body. I even felt like I could move better. A few sessions later, Dr Anil Proag helped me to release a trauma that I had been holding onto for years. I felt so guilty and ashamed and saw that I had been beating myself up for years as punishment for what Id done. The pain was so great that I now realize I used food to tranquilize it. Janet.

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